Whatever area in life you are looking to enhance, from career development to improving confidence, Will Steel will design a coaching package that will work best for your situation. Get in touch today, and we will help you begin your journey.

Live a life that works for you, that you really love, that produces incredible results.

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Personalised Coaching with Will Steel

Whatever area in life you are looking to enhance, from career development to improving confidence, Will Steel will design a coaching package that will work best for your situation. Get in touch today, and we will help you begin your journey.

Packages Available

  • Receive one-on-one coaching to help you disappear what’s holding you back from having it all and preventing you from taking the actions you need to take to make your dreams a reality.

Executive Coaching:

  • Creating, aligning on, and fulfilling your Vision.
  • Producing extraordinary results.
  • Identify and restore where integrity is missing or diminished.
  • Deal powerfully with breakdowns in your organization.
  • Identify and disappear personnel issues that block real progress.
  • Resolve communication issues.
  • Create workshops to empower, motivate, and enable your Staff.
  • Have all the areas of your life work.
Master Mind
  • Groups of like-minded individuals coming together to receive individual coaching in a group setting, thereby not only benefitting from personally being coached, but also absorbing the coaching being offered to each of the other members.
Marriage Recovery

Couples, 6 to 10 Sessions:

  • Get to the bottom of where it all started going off.
  • Uncover the hidden decisions that shape everything.
  • Disappear your resentments.
  • Let go of what bothers you.
  • Learn to communicate and dissolve what is blocking your love for the other.
  • Reach agreements on how you will handle things moving forward.
  • Create a new context for your marriage.
  • Live happily ever after.
Group Coaching For
Established Coaches
  • Become a confident successful coach.
  • Strat growing your coaching practice fast.
  • Become highly effective at signing up new clients.
  • Discover how to coach even more powerfully and deeply.
  • Disappear the hidden blocks to your own power.
  • Become highly effective at having your clients take uncomfortable actions that produce breakthrough results.
  • Learn how to prospect for new clients that are a perfect fit for your coaching.
  • Disappear your hidden challenges to raising your fees.
  • Being together with other established coaches you will learn from each other - you are not alone.

What area of your life would you want to go to work on? What results do you want to produce?

Examples of areas to look at:

Being powerful and recognising where you lack power

Peace of mind / Dealing with uncertainty

Getting out of your own way

Bad Habits and Destructive cycles

Empowering yourself and others

Leadership development



Career development

Moving forward after failures

Creating a new life


Relationships - personal and professional

Falling in love



Personal freedom




Health and Well-Being

Releasing trapped emotions

Freedom from anxiety

Healing Traumas



  • Having coached people from all walks of life - including CEO’s, top business executives, entrepreneurs, rocket scientists, politicians, senior military and civil service personnel, psychologists, world champion athletes, celebrities, musicians, and religious leaders from all denominations, including Tibetan monks - Will developed the unique ability to quickly identify what blocks people from being effective in producing breakthrough results.



  • Listening from the ontological perspective, which reveals what you have been blind to and blocked by, Will is able to offer coaching that would not normally be considered, which in turn enables you to act free from your limiting beliefs and constraints.
  • With the ability to listen from the ontological perspective, Will delivers unprecedented results that far exceed people’s expectations.
  • Not just telling you what to do or providing you with tips and tools, but unblocking you so that you are able to take actions and cause real breakthroughs for yourself.


  • After University, Will attended the Royal Air Force Officer Training College, Cranwell. He graduated with the Leadership Trophy. He went on to fly as a military pilot for 10 years, followed by a short Commercial Pilot Career for a further 2 years. At this point in his life Will switched careers to work for Landmark Education (now Landmark Worldwide).
  • While fully able to think on his feet in highly challenging real-life dangerous situations, the sensitivity and listening skills needed for the civilian and business world got honed in the Personal Development arena.


Identifying Past Issues That are Blocking You – Unblocking Your Blocks

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